Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Please tell me.
How do I let my child out of the house now?
How do I send him to school?
How can I possibly explain this to him?


Anonymous said...

You just have to. We have to remember that this stuff doesn't happen every day, we have to keep on living.

anon said...

I think a lot of people in the country are asking themselves the same question, much the same way they did after the shootings in Columbine, Arkansas, Oregon, etc. It's hard to imagine that the world can be safe, but we have to have faith that all good things are on our side.

Pendullum said...

You do not explain this... as there truly is no explanation,,,,

Adrienne Zurub said...

I'm always asking these and many other questions as a mother. My son is 11 years old and the world it seems (or we are made more aware) is full of pedophiles! My son is biracial, yet he is entering the arena whereby people will react to his 'blackness' as a threat.

I am hypersensitve to that facts now.
Yet, I try not pass my fears and anxieties to my son.
I am more viligilant about who and where he socializes.

As well, I listen to him. We casually ask questions about his school life, who are his friends, if he may have been bullied, or who is the bully or the smart kid in his classes.
We, as his parents talk. We listen to him. We participate fully in his life, and let him know our expectations of him and that he can always count on us.

In this life, there will always be the person or persons who claim notoriety thru heinous deeds.

We must inform/teach our children as well as they can understand.

Although the media 'pimps' these events, they also make us duly aware that these things can happen, and that these people exist.

One of our many jobs as mothers is to teach our children to live fully...and be aware.

We, as concerned mothers are of the same community, the same village...we want the best for our children and yours and yours and your...

Thanks for listening, err reading.

Adrienne Zurub