Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Think I Can

My new reader Laurie has bestowed upon me two things: the first is the auspicious (cough) Thinking Blogger award. Yay for me!

The second is the challenge of naming 5 other blog writers who make me think. Choosing from among the dozens or so that I read every day isn't easy, but these are the ones with recent posts that had me thinking.

1. Gwen at Woman on the Verge. Let's hope she stays around.

2. She already has a million awards, for good reason...Slouching Mom

3. Julie, Julie, Julie. She helped me immeasurably during my own hellish conception follies. Now she just cracks me up.

4. The smartest music blog of all the music blogs.

5. I just discovered Renee. She's great.

Thanks again to Laurie, I'm glad you stopped by!

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