Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Smell Cake!

Dear Calder:
Happy 4th Birthday! I’m still stumbling over that number; it seems such a short time ago I was griping about the fact that you, a person I hadn’t even been properly introduced to, felt entitled to shove both of your tremendous feet up under my rib cage while banging your lumpy head on top of my bladder. (I still plan on discussing that with you.) Life on the outside has been no less challenging for both of us, but oh golly, has it been fun.

You constantly delight me with your curiosity and enthusiasm for all things wheeled, bulldozed, excavated, and chocolate. Your propensity to act as if the things you want just might be the most brilliant ideas of the century (“wouldn’t an ice cream be REALLY GOOD right now? And maybe a new dump truck, too, wouldn’t that just be TO DIE???”), your ability to parrot back the things I wish I had never said (“mom, I thought you said cookies were not supposed to be for before dinner?”), and the ease with which you share my life (most of the time) have changed me forever.

Most admirable, however, is the way that you have handled the separation of your parents.To you, this was a new beginning. Two bedrooms! Two neighborhoods in which to make friends! Two sets of trains! Two playroom floor on which to strew MY GOD THE MATCHBOX CARS. Two parents naive enough to believe that you had a bath last night at mommy's/daddy's house, no need for one tonight, thank you very much! Your ability to find the silver lining in this dark storm is amazing. I hope this talent serves you well forever. I hope I can learn from you.

Tonight we have sushi and birthday cake. It’s going to be GREAT. Just like you, sugarpop. I love you.

— Mom


slouching mom said...

Oh. What a beautiful tribute to an adorable boy.

Happy Birthday!

Have the T-Shirt said...

Happy Birthday....and lucky mom...what a great age four is!

You know, my husband and I divorced when my younger son was three ( I was three when MY parents divorced, how ironic huh?) and it is amazing how well children adapt.