Monday, October 8, 2007


Usually some time after the first of the month, I go to my site stat pages to see if there were any unusual keywords used to find me. Mostly I get the same group; various forms of sunset pig (hyphenated, all one word, quotes, etc.). Sometimes people who might have heard a song or seen a video on the blog go back to try and find it again by keyword-searching the song name or artist. All pretty normal, and pretty expected from a blog with such low traffic as mine. My expectations are humble.

Today, though, I'm a bit puzzled. The following are the keywords that have brought people to me since October 1st:

sunset pig

pigs that I like

who can sing to a pig? (I'd love to know what this person was really looking for)

van gogh crying

van gogh the scream

vincent van gogh

blackness everywhere a little less shine

smoking and your heart (this one is particularly odd as there are thousands of medical pages that come up as hits when this is used as a search term. How the hell do I come into it? {unless someone out there knows my heart is smoking} ;)

and last, but certainly not least:

pig fuckers

Maybe it's time to change the name of my blog?


delmer said...

'Granny Gallery' is always the number one draw for me. My mom (we call her Granny) paints and I have pics of some of her paintings up.

At first I thought people were coming by looking for her art. Now I know they're after mature woman porn.

The last two months 'Billy and Mandy' has led for a short period of time, but 'Granny Gallery' has always rallied at the end of the month to claim the #1 spot.

B said...

hahahaha priceless. i recall having a post about the HBO series Rome and how the actor on it showed his penis. Man did that get some weird google searches coming to my blog. it is always amusing to check those keywords.

flutter said...

ahhhhh nothing like a "pig fucker" to brighten up your day

Anonymous said...

Big one for me is "woman making love to another woman" linking to a post in which I memorialized my mom and waxed romantic over a new vacuum cleaner.