Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beauty, Ugly.

This was the view from my driveway yesterday afternoon. I wish I could have better captured the quality of the light; it was if the whole neighborhood was enveloped in a great orange parachute. It was very cool.

Have you ever seen that show Intervention on Bravo? It's about addicts and their issues and their recovery, and from time to time there's a short excerpt from someone who was once one of the addicts but has since recovered, and in almost all of these little interviews, the person says that "actually viewing themselves" and how awful they looked and behaved during their addiction made them that much stronger during their recovery. With that in mind, I snapped a self-portrait on what may have been one of the very worst, most pitiful, most self-absorbed days I have ever spent as an adult. I hope I can keep going back to it so that I will NEVER act like that again.


flutter said...

This was incredibly brave of you. I am really impressed that you have an inner mantra that can keep you centered.

I Hope So said...

"brave" was exactly the word i was thinking when i read this.

the other word i was thinking... "beautiful"

Have the T-Shirt said...

There's also an adage regarding addiction that says addicts have to hit rock bottom before they can begin climbing out. Perhaps you have memorialized your rock bottom?

As difficult as new beginnings are, they are fraught with possibilities. Embrace all the new possibilities before you, k?

Anonymous said...

caterpillars and butterflies too. give yourself time.