Saturday, November 17, 2007

You Missed the Parade

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So now won't make it today
You're on the highway taking the long way home
Slowly but surely you're on your way now
You're on your way down to your town
Won't make it today won't say you're sorry
Won't even call to say you're late
You missed the parade you missed your birthday
Missed every single holiday
Forgot your way home it's been too long now
Too much has changed now it's been too many yesterdays...
But she waited by the front gate with a smile on her face
And she waited and she waited
Never made it again today
It's never okay another delay another disappointing day
I hope you're lonely and empty handed
I hope you're stranded
You took the wrong way to her heart
And she waited and she waited as her smile fades away

1 comment:

I Hope So said...

who is this? i love it.