Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10 things, and some french.

Liv has inspired me to use my brain for a bit here and come up with a Tuesday Ten.

1. Calder and I had a birthday party for a few of his dinosaurs this morning. Evidently we all had watercress and oak tree leaves, with chocolate cake for dessert. It was for vegetarian dinosaurs only.

2. I am so sick of dog hair. It follows me everywhere I go, and I think people are actually hesitant to come into my house because they know that no matter how much I vacuum, they will be covered with hair when they leave.

3. My vacuum stinks. (You see how I avoided that, right?)

4. But sometimes I have help.

5. I've recently become completely addicted to the Explore feature on Flickr. So much so that I lose hours. I'm determined to get something on there.

6. I recently sold my first "fine art" photograph.

7. I slept a total of 45 minutes last night, a portion of which was dedicated to a harrowing dream about purchasing a Mac Classic. That was the computer I learned most of my early "skills" on, and I thought I was so fierce.

8. Due to the no sleep issue, I am lugging Samsonites under the baby blues today, and am considering buying La Mer and just putting it on a damn credit card.

9. Thursday, which just happens to be Matt's birthday as well as Hellentine's Day, I have no date and I am just fine with that.

10. I'm up a full 5 pounds. Thank you Häagen Dazs, thank you spoon.

je suis terminé


liv said...

Hey! Thanks for playing! That were fun! Animal hair? check. Kids helping? not so much.

5 pounds up? Woot! Really? Do you want me to send cookies? I bet you could schmear some icecream on them.

AND la mer? meh. when i can think of the name of the one i just heard of... oh! Perricone face refinishing stuff.

I Hope So said...



flutter said...

one vacuuming? GOOD GOD!

Have the T-Shirt said...

You are sure sounding better all the time :)