Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 41: Everybody's wearing a disguise to hide what they've got left behind their eyes.

Our house went on the market today. I begrudgingly call it "our" house -- even though both of our names are on the deed, Matt hasn't lived here in 18 months or so, and it really doesn't seem like his house any more ('cept when the mortgage is due. Then it's ALL his house.).

I watched people trudge through today, looking at my stuff, talking about how they would change this little thing, or that little thing; one woman asked "why is the sofa over there?" I know stuff like this is subjective, and I've been househunting enough to know that I'm guilty of the same thing, but there's something a little insulting about watching people paw your stuff and then dismiss it. I feel like my privacy has been invaded.

Then I remembered. I put all my shit out there on my blog. Photos, sadness, cookie dough habit…who am I to get pissed about people looking at my stuff? I made my stuff public a while ago.

I really need to think about this one for a while.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who wants a nice little farmhouse 1/2 mile from the beach, let me know =)


flutter said...

I'd love to be able to afford one :)

minutemen1775 said...

I have never been around when my house was being shown for that very reason, and I can hardly believe anyone would make such comments with you in earshot! How rude! Worry not, the difference between blogging and an Open House is that YOU get to choose what people see in your blog. You can keep readers out of your head, but you can't keep buyers out of your kitchen!

Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm so sorry you have to leave your home. That must be so hard.

If it matters, I like your stuff exactly where it is.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It must be a rough time.

I remember looking at houses with my parents once--this one house was not ready to show--among other things the woman had her bra draped over a lamp. The realtor whispered to my mom, sotto-voice "Divorce, she doesn't want to sell."

Farrell said...

next time, leave the house! go to starbucks! i couldn't take it either.
i'm sure you dont' want to leave. no words. I've been there a thousand times - thinking i'd have to sell. so far, so good, but I know how it is (to some degree).

liv said...

i know how this is. (hugs)

lu said...

As much as it hurts, maybe this is a step toward freedom, one more step toward empowerment.

Karen said...

Hard to see this as the forward "progress" that it is, but it is. When we live amid relics it's nearly impossible not to feel dead.